Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Experience: Sunday Word Show ( Assignment Multimedia English)

Hello everyone...

This semester I'm taking one interesting subject for my English course and it is Multimedia English. One of the assignments that we need to do is to produce a video such as Word on The Street. In one group we do have 4 members and I play a role as a host. Before this I never try to become a host and don't even want to try it because for me it is too difficult to talk in front of other people. In completing the task we need to find a suitable idea and what type of scene that suitable for children. For me this is a very interesting experience because I need to remember my line/script and i need to practice it. Even though i have a small role in the video i think it is very hard for me since it is my first time doing it. But I'm thankful to all my group members because they still support me in finishing the task. I think this experience is very valuable because we can laugh together during the process of completing it and it do give me a good lesson for the future. I hope someday this kind of opportunity will come to me again and I hope i will do my best for it.

P/S: Cry for Yesterday
Smile for Today &
Laugh for Tomorrow

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